Dot peen marking on injections molds | Sic Marking

Dot peen marking on injections molds


Our customers would like to mark steel molds of different sizes.
They want to mark different characters (most of the time 3 maximum) such as:

  • Mold’s reference numbers.
  • Their customer’s names.
  • Logos such as "arrows" for the tracking of flexibles on molds.
  • Data matrix codes to encode mold’s part numbers.

Customer Focus:

The e-mark or e1 p63c marking gun allow easy marking of the molds as they are:

  • Light weighted, ultra-compact and easy to handle.
  • They enable marking on hard to reach parts.
  • They mark any material.
  • The e-mark allows unlimited mobility as it works with a battery which offers a combined charge of 4+ hours for continued use.


Marking solution:

  • Dot peen marking on steel molds
  • Alphanumeric marking, logos and datamatrix codes
  • Marking on hard to reach parts