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e-mark, Cordless Marking



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E-Mark is the portable, battery-powered, and fully autonomous marking gun! 

Thanks to its powerful 18V Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, E-Mark has no awkward cables that can risk shock or trip hazards. Lightweight and versatile, this completely autonomous marking gun is perfect for the identification of heavy, large, or difficult to access parts. Robust and ruggedly reliable, E-Mark's advanced mechanical precision allows for superior quality marking that is perfect for, among other things, datamatrix marking. 

It may be the lightest portable engraving machine on the market, but it will mark even the toughest of materials, from plastics to hardened steel up to 62HRC (see below for details). Included with the shipment is a special carrying case, for convenient transport between job sites. 

Its integrated software and keyboard, and icon-driven menus allow for the creation and modification of markings directly on the portable marking machine. The software is continuously revamped to increase the ease of use and flexibility

Mechanic features


288 x 271 x 135 mm (11.34" x 10.67" x 5.3")

Marking Types:

Alphanumeric, Variable (serial or text), Datamatrix Code, and Logo

Marking Window:

60 x 25 mm (2.36" x 0.98")


3.2 kg (7 lbs.)

Electronic features


100 MB

LCD color screen:

320 x 240 Pixel


integrated Overlay Membrane


100 Watt

18V Li-ion 18V Battery:

4 Hours Marking Autonomy (normal use)

Steering software

Marking Types:

Alphanumeric, Variable (serial or text), Datamatrix Code, and Logo

Transfer of Marking Files:

Via USB Key


4x6, Arial, Courier, OCR, OCR-A, OCR_BOLD, Comic, and Comic_B

File Editing and Creation:

Complete Set-Up of All Parameters

Impact Force:

1 to 9

Marking Depth:

0.3 mm (may vary depending on the material being marked)

Resolution Between Dots:

0.05 mm


1 level