Laser marking on cast aluminium crankcases | Sic Marking

Laser marking on cast aluminium crankcases

Customer's need

The marking station should be integrated directly on the customer’s part conveyor. The workstation must mark cast aluminium parts. The entire system will be driven by the customer's line controller. On the machine, a sealing control will take place on the part (this test will be done during the marking cycle). The part itself will be inserted into the workstation through a pneumatic lifting system.
In addition to the marking, the system will incorporate a reading module to ensure the readability of the marked code. The checking of the code’s quality will also be implemented in the system. The overall cycle time should be less than 8s (not taking into account raising and lowering the pallet). 

Advantages/ Summary

The system consists of an i103 LG laser integrated to an automatic workstation. A vision system will be integrated directly over the laser head to allow the checking of the data matrix code immediately after it has been marked. 


Machine cycle: closing door + reading + marking + reading + door opening. Marking cycle 27 s