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Laser marking on crossmembers


The customer would like to integrate a laser marking station in a robotic cell. He wishes to mark at high rates logos, alphanumeric characters and datamatrix codes. Laser technology has been chosen to reduce the noise nuisance of its current marking system.

Customer Focus:

The marking station includes a 50 W laser marking head mounted on a compliance system, a control rack, and a dust extraction and filtration system.
The installation constraints in the working area have led to position the laser beam horizontally. The whole system is installed on a tubular frame which is positioned above a conveyor. The transfer and maintenance of the parts during the marking cycle is carried out by the customer’s robot. The robot brings the part in front of the marking head and maintains it throughout the marking process. Once marked, the robot places the part on the conveyor.

Marking solution:

  • Integration of the i103 LG laser marking head in a robotic cell
  • Laser marking of logos, alphanumeric and datamatrix characters
  • Marking window: 60 x 20 mm