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Laser marking of sockets


The customer would like to mark sockets of different diameters. The mark must be made on the entire circumference of each socket. It should be alphanumeric marking of product references.

Customer Focus:

The chosen system is a laser marking workstation with two D axes and a turntable.
The operator scans the product reference that should be marked (barcode reader connected to the PC) and manually loads the sockets on a dedicated axis. There are 3 different tools per axis and one tool can be used to load several sockets. The sockets are then tightened via a clamping system.
Then the operator rotates the turntable to position the loaded D axis under the laser marking head and starts the marking cycle. During the marking cycle, the turntable is blocked by a magnet.
While the parts are being marked, the operator can unload the 2nd D axis tool and reload it. At the end of marking cycle, the turntable is released and the operator can rotate it to unload the marked parts.


Marking solution:

  • Laser marking of sockets
  • Alphanumeric marking of product references
  • Turntable with 2 D axes
  • Marking window : 170 x 170 mm