Deep marking of pump casings

Customer's need

The customer would like to accomplish deep markings on parts that are used to extract oil and that will be placed in the sea. The marking has to be legible after shot-blasting and three coats of paint. In addition, these parts are large and of different sizes. 

Advantages/ Summary

The system consists of a deep marking i113 D system with a marking window of 200 x 60mm. It is set on a balancer, fixed on a bracket. A magnetic bar system provides clamping on the top and side of the part. The selection of marking files is done using a barcode reader. 




  • Alphanumeric and dot peen marking
  • Barcode scans to select files
  • Readable marking after shot-blasting and three coats of paint
  • Marking window of 200 x 60 mm