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Marking for automotive industry


SIC Marking has developed considerable expertise in the deployment of marking machines and in the implementation of traceability solutions in the automotive sector.
Our applications in the direct and permanent marking of automotive parts or components are very varied: steel engine parts, plastic interior trim parts, exhaust modules, tyres, VIN marking on chassis, etc.

marking station manufacturer for automotive parts

For these automotive applications, our experts are particularly attentive to the specific industrial needs of our customers: compliance with cycle times, coordination of line operations, controlled noise impact, connectivity, compact integration spaces, etc.

Our marking equipment can be integrated into your production lines (integrated modules) or alongside them in the form of standalone stations connected to your communication systems.

Our automatic marking and reading systems contribute to the automation and efficiency of production and quality control processes.

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VIN marking machine manufacturer

VIN marking by dot peen marking

Re-marking a VIN by dot peen marking off the production line to avoid product losses

SIC MARKING specialises in VIN scribing, regularly used by our customer, an automotive giant.
This luxury car manufacturer asked us to devise a solution for VIN re-marking outside their standard production flow.
A portable dot peen marking machine meets the customer’s needs perfectly.

code marking & reading solution for the automotive industry

Power train

Data Matrix marking and reading for line assembly

Our clients are often obliged to identify all a product’s key components.
This requirement needs a thoroughly professional attitude when marking parts made from various materials, to ensure complete legibility after assembly.
This was the case of an order from our customer, a major automotive manufacturer, for their engines.

automotive production line marking cobot


Cobot-assisted marking on a production line

The majority of our clients are looking for innovative, ultra-personalised marking and traceability solutions.
This is the kind of challenge that SIC MARKING is always prepared to accept, as for this automotive equipment supplier, who is always looking for cutting-edge technologies.

cast part datamatrix marking machines

Steering column

Data Matrix marking on cast parts of variable sizes

A manufacturer of cast aluminium parts contacted us with a specific request for marking parts of different sizes, after a milling operation.
The company has line integration problems (lack of space, humid and dusty environment) and requirements in terms of marking quality.

battery case marking and reading equipment


Marking and reading on battery cases in a robotic station

For this order, the multinational automotive manufacturer, which has a site in France, approached us via its integrator.
The order involves marking battery cases in a specific environment.
The automotive group wanted the marking of a data and alpha code

vin scribing machine supplier

VIN marking

VIN scribe marking and laser marking of the associated plastic labels

All motor vehicles have a VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number), which must be deeply engraved on their chassis.

SIC Marking is a global VIN scribe marking specialist and offers suitable solutions, using different technologies, to meet this need by adapting to each manufacturer’s specific requirements.
Therefore, the client asked us to supply them with a machine that could engrave the VIN number on the chassis, as well as a machine enabling the VISIVIN adhesive label to be marked.

texturing machine manufacturer for motor industry


Increasing the roughness of a surface using a laser to counteract the loosening of bolts

An international manufacturer of battery compartments for electric vehicles (EV) wanted to prevent mounting bolts working loose as the result of vehicle vibration.
The manufacturer wanted to intentionally damage and to texture the surface around the mounting holes and to make it rough.

motor stator laser engraver manufacturer

NEV battery Datamatrix

Datamatrix laser marking on motor stator

The client, an electric vehicle manufacturer, wanted to have a high-contrast Data Matrix and plain text marked on its motor stators.
To this end, it needed a laser marking station that could be integrated into its production line.

motor crankcase laser marking device

NEV battery alphanumeric

Laser marking of a motor crankcase

The customer is a major French manufacturer of electric motors for the automotive industry.
It needed a laser marking solution on its production line to perform fast and deep marking and communicate with its PLC.

laser stripping machine for electric wires


Stripping electric wire using a laser

The client is a well-known manufacturer of electric motors.
It needs to remove the PEEK insulating varnish from a laminated copper wire with a rectangular cross-section of 8x2mm, and to mark a QR code on the bare area.

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