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Dot peen marking or engraving makes it possible to generate permanent, tamper-proof and perennial markings on all types of parts and materials.

Dot peen marking or indented marking is widely used in the automotive industry, pioneering in its overall approach to quality via single component identification systems.
Today, it is present in most industrial sectors.

Our dot peen marking systems are designed to be installed in workshops, for fixed or mobile operation, or for integration into production lines.


industrial dot-peen marking technology

The principle of dot peen marking involves striking the surface of the component or part to be marked with a tungsten carbide stylus.
Each impact generates a dot.
Thus, the stylus movement generates lines of dots in the form of numbers, codes, dates, logos, 2D codes, datamatrix.

The location, size and shape of the marking are predefined by the operator through ad hoc software.

SIC MARKING Precision Technology

SIC MARKING dot peen marking machines use electro-magnetic energy, thus ensuring extremely precise control of the series of impacts and excellent marking quality.

Pneumatic technology can also be used on certain installations requiring particularly high rates.

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dot-peen marking solution


Principle of dot-peen marking

The precision and flexibility of this marking technology make it extremely versatile.
Depending on the material and type of marking required, the depth of the marking can be adjusted.
Micro-percussion marking is therefore possible on all metal and plastic parts, for light or very deep markings.
It can also be used to mark heavy, bulky parts that are difficult to access, raw or painted parts, as well as light or small parts.

dot-peen engraving


Dot peen marking benefits


  • All part shapes (flat or cylindrical) or surface finishes
  • All materials
  • High marking accuracy and speed
  • No material residue
  • Standalone controller
  • No consumables, so very little equipment maintenance


micro percussion marking technology provider



We have a full range of dot peen marking systems, irrespective of the use and configuration of your industrial environment.

We thus offer three types of dot peen marking machine, depending on their use: mobile or fixed, integral or standalone.

Within a workshop: in mobile use, our portable machines (battery or cordless) allow easy movement of the operator to the parts to be marked.
In fixed use if all the parts are engraved on the same workstation, our workbenches will stabilise and strengthen your marking process.

When incorporated in a production line, our integral solutions can be implemented quickly and easily due to their compactness and connectivity.

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With 30 years’ experience, we are experts in a number of marking technologies: Dot Peen marking, Laser marking and Scribe marking.

Our solutions are robust, technically advanced and tailored to our customers’ challenging industrial environments.

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