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Laser marking a QR code on a motor stator



The client, an electric vehicle manufacturer, wanted to have a high-contrast Data Matrix and plain text marked on its motor stators.
To this end, it needed a laser marking station that could be integrated into its production line.





Marcatura laser di QR Code su statore di motore
Marquage laser de QR Code




SIC MARKING provided a fully automatic laser marking station with loading and unloading incorporating a i104 20W laser.

The machine communicates with the client’s production line via Profinet.

Thanks to the vast experience of SIC MARKING’s engineers in the optimisation of laser marking, it was possible to obtain markings with a very high reading rate (>99.99%), despite the complicated implementation conditions.

Macchina di Marcatura Laser da Integrazione i 104

Our product reference


i104 EASY


  • Versatile and flexible
  • With or without a PC
  • Easy to incorporate




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