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Marking suitcase locks

A French company specialising in luxury goods made use of SIC MARKING’s expertise for

marking their suitcase locks and keys.

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The challenge

Four kits need to be marked, each comprising:

● An escutcheon

● The two suitcase keys

● A rear housing comprising the mechanism.

All the components need to have the same numbers, amounting to four markings per kit

The machine is necessary to improve quality, productivity and traceability.
It must be able to

mark the kits, which will be used on new and old suitcases.

Marquage de serrures de malles




A dedicated positioning system was developed and adapted to position four kits in the same

marking window.
Our standard SFA software was adapted to fulfil this need, in order to

easily manage the kits and automate marking, to minimise errors.
As a result, personnel only enter

the numbers once for the four parts, which avoids errors and multiple entries.

Should a customer lose an old key, even dating from a few years back, the company is able to

re-mark the serial number appearing on the housing associated with these keys.

Macchina di Marcatura Laser da Integrazione i 104

Our product reference


i104 HD


  • Easy to integrate
  • Precise and high-contrast marking
  • Works with or without a PC

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