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VIN laser marking



A German group, a leader in the automotive sector, makes use of SIC MARKING’s expertise for marking VIN chassis numbers on its light and heavy vehicles.
The number marked is internationally recognised by all the bodies and government departments responsible for approving and regulating vehicles.

For years, the automotive group has relied on SIC MARKING’s solutions for its flawless marking processes, which are capable of adapting to its production constraints.
The group’s requirements in terms of traceability are very stringent and, as required by the standard, markings must be robust , remain legible for the vehicle’s entire life and withstand
attempts to falsify them.





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The challenge


On the back of this long-term collaboration, the automotive group and SIC MARKING developed a new solution to:


● Replace a hydraulic marking solution operating with a piston press system.
That system required excessively heavy tools, which were hard to handle on the production line.

● Improve the flexibility of marking content thanks to entirely digital programming, which is free from all the mechanical constraints of a press system.

● Integrate the manufacturer’s high-definition font, in accordance with the applicable standards.
The aim of this operation is to facilitate retrospective detection of the falsification of a VIN number.

● Control the engraving depth, to ensure the number can be read after painting and guarantee compliance with the standard, depending on the country


Marquage VIN par laser




In order to fulfil this specification, SIC MARKING developed an i104 L-G 100W laser engraving solution.


● This custom station was delivered ready-to-use (turnkey), for prompt start-up in line with the manufacturer’s summer programme of work.

● This engraving laser is mounted on a carriage structure with free 3D manual positioning.

● The exact position of the laser head for marking is obtained thanks to a fully spring-loaded zero force manual robot arm.

● Precise guiding of the laser head is ensured by a tool guaranteeing the flawless repeatability of marking.

Macchina di Marcatura Laser da Integrazione i 104

Our product reference


i104 HD


  • Easy to integrate
  • Precise and high-contrast marking
  • Works with or without a PC

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