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Marking pacemakers using laser annealing technology



The client is a medical device manufacturer looking to integrate a marking system into its high-speed production line, while producing a mark that does not damage the product’s corrosion protection.

Operation of the machine:

  • The cobot automatically loads and unloads the parts to perform laser marking.
    A sensor detects the presence of a part, the laser marks it, then a camera reads the Data Matrix code and the alphanumeric characters.





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Marquage de pacemakers




SIC MARKING provided the client with the laser marking station for the pacemaker with high-end laser marking equipment.
The aim is to perform high-contrast marking, while respecting the surface finish of the pacemaker’s titanium alloy housing.

This marking, known as annealing, enables high-contrast black marking to be produced on the grey titanium alloy surface without damaging or weakening the material.
As a result, corrosion protection is preserved for the product’s future life.

i 104

Our product reference


i104 HD


  • Easy to integrate
  • Precise and high-contrast marking
  • Works with or without a PC

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