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Dot peen marking system for aerospace parts


The customer would like to mark two turbines of different formats. Alphanumeric markings have to conform to the standards imposed by the aerospace industry.

Customer Focus:

The machine is a e10c153 dot peen marking system for aeronautical parts. The machine is equipped with a chassis that can be fixed to the floor via anti-vibration feet and has two storage drawers dedicated to the controller and various tools.

The height adjustment of the column is blocked. The two custom tools allow to bridle and position the customer’s parts. The second tool is placed on top of the first tool which remains permanently on the trolley. The trolley system facilitates loading and unloading of parts for the operator.
This machine is autonomous, the use of a PC is not obligatory. However, it is recommended to make a backup of all marking files on a PC (via the software and the USB cable supplied with the machine’s delivery).

Marking solution:

  • Alphanumeric marking on turbines
  • Cylindrical parts of different sizes
  • Compliance with aerospace standards