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Dot peen marking of tensile gauge

Customer's need

Marking on a titanium tensile gauge (dimensions Ø9mm x 55mm in length). Circular marking (alphanumeric) on  end shaft of each side part (marking height 2mm) The mark shall be operated on two sides at once. The characters must be less than 2 mm in height.

Advantages/ Summary

Dot peen marking machine on motorized column and safety box equipped with safety light curtain. Column with autosensing system. Rotary axis and custom  holder for marking of the part on both sides. Incrementing characters to be marked managed by a database and an in-house software.

Machine cycle: The operator put the part to be marked in specific holder. Launch of marking cycle. Automatic positioning of the marking head. Marking of one face. 180° Rotation. Marking the second face.


  • Automatic clamping system  
  • Marking the two sides of the gauge in one cycle
  • Accuracy and quality of the mark thanks to autosensing system