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Laser marking station for cylinder heads

Customer's need

The customer needed to mark Data Matrix and alphanumeric code on cylinder head and bearings caps. A replay system is necessary to ensure the quality of the codes.
Minimum grade Data Matrix code: 3  
Marking frequency: 220 heads a day 

Advantages/ Summary

The laser marking station has two integrated lasers type i103L-G with a camera. All is integrated on a full welded frame with tray and plates and the system is fully automated.


Machine cycle: The cylinder head is placed on a tray with automatic actuator by a robot. The part is marked on its face, as well on the 7 bearing caps. Once the cycle is completed, the drawer opens for unloading. If the item is found non-compliant, a "default" signal should be issued. This cycle might be done manually.


  • Alphanumeric and Data Matrix on cylinder head.