Easy to incorporate
Precise and high-contrast marking
Works with or without a PC
Unité de contrôle FU4 pour marquage Laser à intégrer sur ligne de production

The I-104 HD is a FIBRE LASER marking head that can be integrated into production lines.
Fibre laser is a LATEST GENERATION, ULTRA-HIGH PERFORMANCE AND DURABLE technology. Our HD laser marking systems are equipped with a particularly efficient ytterbium-enhanced MOPA (Master-Oscillator Power-Amplifier) fibre laser source.

The power of the I-104 HD laser marking head allows it to MARK WITH CONTRAST ON ALL TYPES OF MATERIAL (steel, aluminium alloy, stainless steel, titanium, plastics, etc.).
The marking of logos, alphanumeric codes and standard 1D, 2D and Datamatrix codes is particularly precise.
The cycle time is shorter on materials such as aluminium alloy and the contrast is greater on plastics.

The I-104 HD laser is extremely COMPACT and is therefore very EASY TO INSTALL IN A BOX OR ON A PRODUCTION LINE.
It can OPERATE WITH OR WITHOUT A PC. Without a PC, a single connection can fully control the laser from your PLC.

It is therefore very simple to integrate our laser machines on all production lines that use Profibus, Profinet or Ethernet/IP (boards on option) field buses.

The I-104 HD laser is very COMPETITIVE. It meets your needs precisely and offers a quick ROI.
In particular, its GREAT STRENGTH and its very modest maintenance requirements allow us to guarantee 100,000 hours of operation.

Our laser experts and TECHNICAL PERSONNEL REMAIN AVAILABLE to conduct your marking tests in a real situation and recommend the best setup for your specifications.

Mechanical specifications

Marking window

60 x 60*mm – 100 x 100 mm – 170 x 170 mm – 220 x 220*mm – 300 x 300*mm (*consult us)

Standard focusing distance

See downloadable data sheet


Fibre control unit: 25 kg – i103 Easy marking head: 5kg


Configuration class 4 (standard EN60825-1)


Without PC (Standalone mode)

Electronic specifications


SIC Marking ytterbium-enhanced fibre laser

Operating procedure

Pulsed (variable frequency)

Pulse length

From 2 ns to 200 ns


1064 nm

Optical fibre length

3 m

Mean power

20 W

Peak power

7 kW


Integral laser pointer


Air cooled only

Control software


RS 232 / Ethernet

Optional boards

Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/IP


For cycle management


COM test





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