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Data Matrix marking and reading on aluminium parts



Our client is a Swiss company specialising in casting.
It makes die casting machines for producing aluminium parts.

The managers of the casting company contacted SIC MARKING, as they wanted to be able to provide a marking solution in their casting cells, to identify parts and guarantee their traceability.





Marquage Datamatrix et relecture
Metallurgy & Mechanics

The challenge


The challenge in this case is two-fold:

  • Reducing the loss of non-compliant parts at the end of the process.
    In effect, as parts are identified by a Data Matrix marking at the press output, this establishes a traceability system, throughout production.
    This traceability is checked: if the part is not right, it is crushed and returned to casting.
  • Finding a very compact and secure solution for protecting the laser in the specific environment of a casting workshop, where the temperature is above 40 degrees with a great deal of dust.
    Marquage Datamatrix et relecture




    With years of experience and perfectly harnessed expertise, the SIC MARKING team developed a F.I.T. LASER (standard laser funnel) for this project in order to satisfy all the client’s requirements.
    This is a conventional approach for our teams consisting of meeting clients’ marking requirements, as well as taking account of the production environment’s characteristics (heat, dust, humidity level, etc.)

    FIT LASER Macchina di Marcatura Laser da Integrazione per Settore Medicale

    Our product reference




    • Secure
    • Reliable
    • Competitive

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