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Marking on medical implants before bending



Our client, a world leader in technologies, services and solutions for the medical sector, wanted to mark implants before bending. This involves custom unit marking for a given patient before the part is shaped.
Marking is performed on straight rods.





Macchina di Marcatura Laser per Marcare Impianti Medicali
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Macchina di Marcatura Laser per Marcare Impianti Medicali prima della piegatura




The validation of marking with the client following successive
metallurgic analysis
enabled a
reliable and personalised solution to be developed.
For the 1200 XXL-Box, in order to be compatible with the maximum size of parts, SIC MARKING developed
a dedicated double rotary axis with a quick gripper system to ensure that handling is ergonomic
and, above all, faster and more precise.
For this order, SIC MARKING developed
specially designed custom software, which is able to communicate with client’s internal system.

The machine produced has a marking head mounted on an axis controlled by the software that moves the marking head along the entire length of the rods.

FIT LASER Macchina di Marcatura Laser da Integrazione per Settore Medicale

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