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Laser marking station with pallet loader

Customer's need

This laser marking station project involves marking on 16 different size pallets made of resin. These pallets are parts for vacuum pumps manufactured by the customer. He would like to invest in a more flexible, reliable and economically sustainable marking tool.

Advantages/ Summary

The marking machine is an autonomous laser marking station that marks automatically pallets that are previously stored in a loader. A chassis integrates all the marking station subsets (laser controller and fume extractor) and carries a box hermetic to laser radiation. The operator puts several pallets in the loader, positions the loader in the machine and starts the marking cycle. Automatically, all the pallets are marked and restocked into a tray by an automatic output stacker. To be able to transport different widths of pallets, the pallet’s guideway is adjustable.



  • Laser marking is centered on the pallet
  • Alphanumeric marking of the range reference, material lot number and the LEYBOLD logo
  • The machine is CE certified and complies with DIN EN 60825-1