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Data Matrix marking and reading for line assembly



Our clients are often obliged to identify all a product’s key components.
This demands professionalism and rigour when marking parts made from a variety of materials, the legibility of which is complex following assembly.
This is precisely what we encountered with an order from a large French automotive manufacturer for its combustion engines.





Marcatura Datamatrix e rilettura per assemblaggio in linea

The challenge


In the case of this client, there are two key objectives.

Firstly, achieving uniform markings and being able to read a Data Matrix on all parts before milling.
The marked components are made from different materials: aluminium, steel or cast iron with a raw or machined finish.

Secondly, installing reading systems, in order to check the quality and legibility of engraved Data Matrix codes.
It must be possible to check all these codes in full on the assembly lines.

Marquage Datamatrix



To achieve the first objective, 20 integrable lasers combined with 43 verification cameras were installed on the milling lines.

This allows the crankcase, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft and bearing caps to be uniformly and precisely marked.

To achieve the second objective and ensure optimum checking of codes, we introduced 52 cameras to identify all of the parts.

The final step was to integrate 5 scribe marking machines for engraving the engine identification number at the end of the line.

Marquage Datamatrix

Our product reference


i104 EASY


  • With or without a PC
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Easy to incorporate

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