case study


High-speed Data Matrix marking and reading on different automotive parts



The client is an automotive supplier specialising in milling large runs of medium-sized parts.
They supply their customer with machined parts and complete sub-assemblies, such as gearboxes.
The majority of these parts require
marking and reading of a Data Matrix code.






The challenge


SIC MARKING needed to devise a unique solution facilitating the marking of several ranges of partswith 3 or 4 different references.
This solution needed
to be integrated into an existing production environment, in general, a robotic station + PLC.


The client needed a station capable of marking and reading a Data Matrix code and reading needed to be integrated into the laser marking head.

Another constraint was that SIC MARKING’s proposal needed to adapt to the client’s production rate.






SIC MARKING proposed the installation of an XL-Box station with an automatic door. This door facilitates integration into the robotic station, as the robot positions the part and ejects it from the machine.
Research and implementation of the positioning system is tailored to the parts.
The client opted for a 2D reader integrated into the marking head at the laser station output.
This guarantees which parts are correctly marked with a Data Matrix that complies with quality standards.

This solution included researching and designing an electrical cabinet for communication with the PLC installed by the client.

xl box

Our product reference




  • Large workspace
  • Choice of manual / motorised axes
  • Can be integrated into robotic cells

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