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Traceability code marking on different steel wheel models, after processing



A pioneering rail company involved in the development, production and supply of wheels, was seeking to ensure the traceability of train wheels. This traceability needs to be evident right along the production line, as well as retracing lifecycle tracking in the event of a quality issue.
The wheels are machined on different workstations and conveyed by an automatic system.
All the models are different
and are not consecutive.
As a result, the marking system must be able to respond rapidly to this variation, without human intervention.





Marquage de code de traçabilité sur différents modèles de roues
Dot peen marking
Vehicles & Transport

The challenge


The SIC MARKING team needs to develop a solution capable of being integrated into the existing control station and able to mark different size wheels and different models.


Marking must be performed at the start of the production line, a line that monitors the wheel’s dimensions.
There is also an additional constraint, the
marking must:


  • Appear on the side of the wheel,
  • Withstand blistering i.e. the sandblasting operation performed to harden steel.
Marquage de code de traçabilité sur différents modèles de roues




This wide variety of wheel models and sizes requires a customised professional dot peen marking solution.

SIC MARKING developed a specific machine with a head benefiting from a large marking window and an i143 nozzle.

This head enables all the marking areas to be covered.
This vertical dot peen marking machine is equipped with:

  • A pneumatic axis that is particularly suitable for a large approach,
  • A small “autosensing” digital axis, which is perfect for precise final adjustment.

This solution perfectly satisfies the client’s requirements, as it rests directly on all the wheel models thanks to the use of a Z axis.

Marquage de code de traçabilité

Our product reference


c153 ZA


  • Fast and precise
  • Motorised Z axis with an integrated brake
  • Several marking levels

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